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Xavier the Sceptile by Pingpongalong Xavier the Sceptile by Pingpongalong
My Sceptile-Xavier
Male-Unburden-Quirky-Somewhat vain
Moves; Focus Blast Leaf Blade
Acrobatics Giga Drain
Dragon Pulse Leaf Storm

This is the tale of how Xavier and I met:

I struggled to keep my feet beneath me as I forced my way though dense undergrowth. Drenched with sweat, the close air and cramped conditions made it almost impossible to breath.
Climbing over roots as tall as myself, dodging pits of quicksand and swinging on vines over enormous chasms, I had been officially lost for over an hour.
The sound of unknown pokemon scurrying about just out of view was disorientating, so much so that I had accidentally stepped off the beaten track and fallen down a steep slope.
With no way back, I blindly soldiered on into the jungle.
After a further two hours of stumbling about I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun round to see nothing but a wall of trees. Another tap, this time on my head and I looked up.
It took a good five minutes to pick out my assailant from the canopy, but there it was. A Treeko, perfectly camouflaged against its green background. It was using a rock to crack nuts and was discarding the shells over the edge of its branch, it was merely coincidence that they had fallen on me.
Suddenly, for no apparent reason other than clumsiness, the little Treeko slipped and began to tumble towards the rocky floor below.
I leapt forwards, and just managed to catch it in my arms.
Once Treeko had realised it was no longer falling and finished screaming, I introduced myself, and he gazed into my eyes in utter bemusement.
After what seemed an eternity of staring, He yawned and promptly fell asleep in my hands, I took this as a desire to accompany me on my travels so I took a pokeball and touched it to his head.
Pajaroespin Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist
muy chulo
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muchas gracias :)
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