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Morrie the Eelektross by Pingpongalong Morrie the Eelektross by Pingpongalong
My Eelektross-Morrie
Female-Levitate-Brave-Capable of taking hits

Moves; Thunder Acrobatics
Brick Break Crush Claw
Rain Dance Wild Charge

This is the story of how I met Morrie:

A blade of yellow pierced the darkness from lighthouse of Sunyshore City, and was promptly blocked from view by the colossal waves. The storm had come out of nowhere from offshore, catching us by surprise. The small ferry was utterly at the mercy of the unforgiving sea. Below, massive shoals of Magikarp were thrown too and fro, even onto the boat while above, flocks of Starly tried desperately to reach the safety of the shore. Suddenly, our boat dropped as we reached the edge of a wave.
The boat was beached on an outcrop. A huge wave reared its angry head, and came crashing down, smashing the boat and whisking me into the crushing black deep.

I was woken by the sound of water Pokémon flailing about helplessly. The hot yellow sand warmed me as I lay regaining strength. Eventually I saw a crowd approaching, they were a rescue team, helping the stranded Pokémon back to the water. I joined their effort to help the unfortunate, and soon we came across a strange sight.
Tangled in a fishing net was an unusual looking Pokémon, navy blue with red fins, Struggling to get free. Its efforts were in vain however, as with every toss and turn it entrapped itself tighter and tighter. Our group approached, and its eyes flicked to us, wary. We were almost within reaching distance of it when it unleashed a powerful Thunder attack. I felt the air burn as the bolt of energy shot past my ear and into the distance. We beat a hasty retreat and a girl in the group informed me this was an Eelektric, a Pokémon from a distant land, that must have been washed up by the storm. I walked slowly back over, and held out a Pokeball. She stared at it for a while, then looked at me and waved her tail fin, as if to say, bring it on.
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October 6, 2012
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